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VERSION 01   |  DATED JUNE 10TH 2024


Punctuality: All members must agree to arrive on time for their call times. Consistency in punctuality is essential for the smooth operation of the set.


Personal Hygiene and Appearance: Everyone is expected to be clean, well-groomed, and take pride in their appearance. This contributes to a professional environment and respects the effort of the entire team.


Professional Behaviour: Politeness and courtesy are expected at all times. Recognise that each person on set is their own business; there is no hierarchy of importance. Mutual respect is an absolute must.


Conflict Management: If you do not get along with someone, maintain professionalism and continue working respectfully. Personal conflicts should not interfere with the work process.


Incident Reporting: Any near misses or safety concerns must be reported immediately to a Head of Department and/or FilmCrewUK.


First Aid: A minimum of one certified First Aider is required per 25 people on set to ensure quick response to any injuries or health issues.


Substance Policy: The use of alcohol and drugs is strictly prohibited before and during work hours. Smoking is also not allowed on set.


Respect for Property and Equipment: Treat all property, equipment, and facilities with care. Any damage or malfunction should be reported immediately.


Confidentiality: Respect the confidentiality of the project. Do not disclose any information regarding the production without proper authorisation.


Dress Code: Adhere to any specific dress code requirements that the production may have, especially in regard to safety gear.


Use of Mobile Devices: Limit the use of mobile devices to designated areas and times. Ensure that they do not interfere with your work or the work of others.


Feedback and Improvement: Constructive feedback is encouraged, and everyone should be open to receiving it. Strive for continuous improvement in your role.


Environmental Responsibility: Be mindful of waste and recycling protocols on set. Help maintain a clean and environmentally friendly workspace.


Safeguarding: In instances where an individual under 18 is present on set:

  • You will be asked about any criminal history and must answer truthfully.
  • You agree to take a safeguarding awareness course.

  • Any concerns, no matter how minor, should be reported immediately to a Head of Department and/or FilmCrewUK.


By agreeing to these guidelines, you help ensure a safe, respectful, and productive environment for everyone involved in the film production.


This code of conduct is subject to change and must be signed on all sets run by FilmCrewUK

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