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Check out some of the handy tools some of our members offer to different Trades to make their life simpler



Say you are filming some pick up shots for a scene that you originally filmed 6 months ago in another set. You want to ensure the continuity. Wouldn't it be handy if you had a way to simply search by the name of the scene and have all your photos you took that day available. 

Slapp Pro is app to simplify organising your assets and make continuity that much simpler

Useful for PropMasters, Set Decorators, Costume Designers, Continuity, Anyone who has a list of assets to manage.


Film Phones

Aimed at Prop Masters. This App lets you fully customise the phone you are using on set so actions can be natural without the need to comp anything in after. The Phone is also shut down and secure with the illusion of being connected and open.

The flexibility of being able to create and edit a flow in minutes gives the flexibility to handle script changes and work with actor preferences to allow for a smoother more streamlined experience on set for all involved.

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