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Welcome to FILM CREW UK

We are a Platform for:
Collaborating on projects, Learning & Networking. 


Adjusting the Lighting

Why be a member?

Say you have been in the industry for years and want something more user friendly, rather than scrolling through social media or your phone list. FilmCrewUK's Find A Crew Map is a way to find crew for your project that are near to the filming location.

Moving Home?

Say you are moving home in the UK and want to find crew in that area rather than having to commute back to where you were. 


Now more than ever sustainability is at the forefront of business. Booking crew local to your shoot locations makes complete sense and also prevents crew outside of the metropolis' to be sustained.

New to the industry or want to retrain?

We promote passing down knowledge, sharing our skills so we can grow and develop. The person you pass down your skills to could be the one that gets you your next bit of work. It keeps the UK Film Industry alive.  We offer free training thanks to our incredible mentors! Via In Person workshops, Online Video Courses or Live Video Calls

Film Reels

What's New?

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